The Revel

Written by Damon Keily

Music Composed by Jess Mcintosh

Lyrics by Damon Keily and Jess Mcintosh


Directed by Leslie Buxbaum Danzig

Set Design by Grant Sabin

Lighting Design by Lee Keenan

Sound Design and Composition by Kevin O'Donnell and Sarah Espinoza


The House Theatre of Chicago, Chicago


  September 2015

Research and Inspiration


Production Photos by Michael Brosilow






Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun-times Entertainment:

"Additional fire comes as the chorus of women (in costume designer Izumi Inaba's evocative homespun dresses) stomp up a storm..." - read full review

Lauren Whalen, Chicago Theatre Beat:

"Izumi Inaba's costume design plays up worn fabrics and neutral colors for a very natural look, ..." - read full review

Jacob Davis, Chicago Critic:

"Costumes and dialect coaching, by Izumi Inaba and Christine Adaire, likewise contribute to the show's sense of authenticity." - read full review

Colin Douglas, Chicago Theatre Review:

"Izumi Inaba has fashioned a gorgeous wardrobe for her actors in a palette of Appalachian blues, greens and grays." - read full review