Devised and Performed by Albany Park Theatre Project


Directed by 

David Feiner

Mikhail Fiksel

Halena Kays

Stephanie Paul

Maggie Popadiak

Rosanna Rodríguez Sánchez

Set Design by Scott C. Neale

Lighting Design by Lee Keenan

Sound Design and Original Composition by Mikhail Fiksel

Object Design by Ellie Terrell


Albany Park Theatre Project at Goodman Theatre, Chicago


 July 2015

Research and Inspiration


Production Photos by Liz Lauren






Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun-times Entertainment:

"Bertolt Brecht would surely have cheered the way 10 girls play demented "sugar and spice" dolls from around the world (Izumi Inaba's ethnic costumes are beyond brilliant)." - read full review


Katy Walsh, The fourth Walsh:

"In my favorite showcase, all of the females are dressed as dolls. Costume Designer Izumi Inaba mixes vintage and contemporary along with multiple cultural looks for this dazzling dolls-on-parade fashion show." - read full review


Nancy Bishop, Gapers Block:

"The vivid and varied costuming was created by Izumi Inaba." - read full review


Lauren Whalen, Chicago Theatre Beat:

"Izumi Inaba's costume design is colorful and fun, ... " - read full review